How to Enable Automatic Windows Updates

One of the easiest things that you can do to keep your computer safe and speedy is to keep it updated. Microsoft is kind enough to provide a simple method of automatically updating Windows for you. You simply choose a time of the week and let it go. Most of my automatic maintenance is set to run on Sunday morning, starting just after midnight.

Enabling automatic updates is simple enough that anyone can do it. Here’s how to on Windows 7:

  1. Open the start menu in the bottom left corner of the screen. In the box that appears, type “update”. This searches your programs and lists everything that has “update” in the name. Select Windows Update under the Programs heading.

    Select Windows Update

    Select Windows Update

  2. Next, we need to modify the settings. The page that is now displayed lists the updates currently available to you. You can choose to install these manually or let Windows take care of them. For now, look to the left of the window and find the option for settings. Click that to move on to the next step.

    Settings for Windows Update

    Choose this option to modify the settings.

  3. Now you can choose when to have the updates installed. Mine are set for 1AM on Sunday. You can choose whichever day of the week and time you want, just make sure that your computer will be on. Make sure the rest of the settings match what I have below. Remember to click the okay button to save your changes.

    Choose date and time

    Choose when you want the updates to happen.

And that’s it! Windows will now keep your computer up-to-date. Remember that this is just for Windows, not for any other software, so you’ll still need to update those manually.

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